XSport Life: Hot 995

Today, I met my new coworker, and we listened to the Kane show in his car before our shift. Neither of us listen to morning radio but we both did today. They had a segment about women who cheat in relationships, some absurd stat like 1/3, so we tuned in to girls calling in to say whether they had or hadn't. I suddenly learned a lot about my coworker after 4 minutes of knowing each other: 

He's dating a girl named Veronica
She has a great phone voice
She's a ballet dancer
They've been together for 10 months
and then we both learned something about her!

Man, you don't know awkward and uncomfortable until you have to sit next to someone alone after they, and at least 3 million other people, hear they've been cheated on, via public radio. Throw in being requested to sit through the phone conversation afterward and man...
what a morning.

Brandon Williams