Life Post: Jackets

Funny story!
This weekend I got the chance to see my family, and
help my sister move some things into her new apartment.
I wore my really nice coat, and didn't realize I'd be moving stuff
so I highjacked my brother's old army jacket (Msw thanks homie).
I had a pair of Johnston & Murphy's on,
some Lucky Brand jeans,
Hugo Boss socks, and a flannel.
We got my sister all moved in, and whatnot without a hitch.
I hoped on the metro home, and got all delayed because safe tracks, and I needed the time.
I look at this lady across the car and I get up and
ask her "Excuse me, do you have the time?" 

Her eyes got wide like Jesus was descending down directly behind me,
 she took a deep breath, and yelled "I DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY, I'M SORRY."
I tried to say I needed the time, but she kept saying sorry,
and got up and did the most aggressive power walk off the train. 
I don't think I can wear old army jackets.

Brandon Williams