Life Post: Prof. Goel

Yesterday I went to the mall and a few rather interesting things happened:

We walked into the immediate background of a proposal video and kinda froze, did a slight freak out "crap I'm ruining their moment" dance and someone screamed "its lit!" 
She said yes, so did her little daughter.

I got a new phone! Prepare for legitimate "New phone, who dis?" Replies.

I went to J Crew, because I have a gift card and have never walked into the store once.
Just went to look and the store folks legit made 4 outfits to make me try on.
It reminded me of how difficult shopping is,
but also how boredom can bring people together.
All I want is some PJ bottoms.

I went into a store run by an old Indian man named Professor Goel.
Sat with him for an hour and he talked all about how his last 55 years in America have been amazing. Being the first Indian man to be invited to the White House,
Studying and becoming a professor, founding several organizations,
being an advisor to the Peace Corps, family, and God.
Reminded me of why America is awesome.
Endless opportunity, at every corner and turn, hello, and goodbye. 

I typically don't share awesome conversations, because they lose their power sometimes when they become watered down by loss of privacy,
but I wanted to share that as an encouragement.
We live in the Land of opportunity.
Where trailblazing, and sometimes even the law can't keep you from doing what you do at the highest possible place you can reach.
This land we love can change the trajectory of our lives, but we have the distinct honor and privilege of being able to change the trajectory of the nation as well.
Never forget how powerful your plans are, with well thought out words and powerful decisive intentional actions. 

And Auntie Anne's was on point. 

Brandon Williams