Perspective: Gungor & Propaganda Podcast

Four things:
1. Are we going to going to talk about the fact that all these Pokemon gyms are churches? People out here catching pikachu and the Holy Ghost lol. 

2. UFC 200 was a let down. 

Current events: 
3. The best question you could possibly ask someone in this time of great concern is "Help me understand." That phrase is the key to the kingdom of understanding.
No matter where you stand and what you have to say, ask, and listen.
Thank you Cooper for teaching me that. 

4. My pops used to say to know where your going you have to understand where you come from and where you stand. Not on some black or police issues but on some general knowledge for point 3, my friend Alyssa put me on to this podcast and I think it's great analytical objective perspective. Listen with an open heart and mind.
Can't go wrong with Gungor and Propaganda dudes are legit.
Check it:

Finally, I would love to be that guy to open the door. 

So no matter where you've walked, I want to know. Help me understand.
(Yes I'm opening the door to opinion. Teach me about your view.)

Brandon Williams