Perspective: Inaugural Thoughts

I was not raised to speak on my political views openly. I was always confused about where that trend came from, but that doesn't stop me from getting a close look. While on assignment covering the inauguration and the protest the last two days, I noticed a lot...

In the last 36 hours:

I have watched the best and the worst of very different people.

I watched a frustrated Trump supporter attack a man during a BLM march, and jumped between him and the crowd when they swarmed him. He damn near hit me, as I was trying to protect him.

I watched a young confused and angry black man destroy property, because he didn't know how else to make his voice heard.

I watched shouting matches, altercations, got dirty looks, a couple shoves, and some nods. 

I watched protesters goad police officers who were protecting various ball attendees in gowns and tuxedos. 

I watched Trump supports mock protesters.
I also watched Trump supporters stand up for Protesters.

I watched a man who was hopeful for the next four years.

I watched another who was terrified for them.

I never had so many white women smile at me in my life than when I stepped on the metro to DC today. Usually people avoid my eyes. It's crazy how different people who don't know you, treat you when they assume the best, and not the worst.

I watched people joyfully unite over common ground.

I watched folks rejected for not sharing that same ground.

I think the most striking thing I saw was a little girl, no older than 10 with a sign that said "The Future is watching"

So is the world.

Today was a huge reminder that we, here in the DMV, not only influence the nation, but the world in it's reachable entirety. That is no small sphere of influence, excuse the pun. 

We are at this age where we are no longer taking our cues from the adults. Kids are taking their cues from us... 

Our indifference, our 'tolerance', our joys, our rejections, our words, our glorious victories, and grand defeats, our hate, and love, our despair, our actions, or lack thereof... and again, our words. It's all on display. 

What cues will little eyes take from you?

"The Future is watching"

Brandon Williams