Perspective: Pivot

Just as in business, with life there are simple truths: 
If something goes wrong, it's important to assess what it is,
and focus on solutions moving forward. 
Case by case, because every situation is different.

When a team harps on blame and not a solution, it innately creates division and takes away time from focusing on a solution, and in business, as with life: 

Time is your most valuable resource. 
It's NOT renewable. 

So let's get this out of the way:

Ultimately, Trump is wrong.
But where people are arguing, I'd like to clarify this:
From an objective place, ignoring ideology and without quantifying actions,
President Trump is right,
that just actions on either side of the political fence are wrong. 
I saw it, without the "why" most everyone did wrong.
The problem is that you can't look at this objectively without quantifying actions,
as a parent watching two kids fight over a cookie.
There's ideology involved and that changes everything.

Ideology is everything in this subjective instance. 
We live in a nation where we are free to believe what we want... 
However, when an ideology arises that vehemently conflicts with the Constitution & ignores its Amendments which protect the American people, we should be wary. 
When American blood is joyously spilled to appease a domestic ideology, we cannot focus on equivalent reprimand. 
We have to focus on ideology.

Political blame will get us nowhere.

This ideology we face threatens our Constitution & The Amendments,
the people they protect, and the great nation we all desire to become. 

If we focus on blaming, we choose to divide,
because neither side wants to own this ideology.

In business, when you change your business plan, for whatever reason, this is called a pivot. Oftentimes businesses fail because they didn't pivot successfully (or at all) when their market was threatened. 
But extremely successful businesses hit pivots. Twitter, Starbucks, HP, Nintendo, Instagram, etc.
Example: Blockbuster & Netflix & Redbox

"Pivoting doesn’t necessarily mean desperation. It can be a tool to discover additional growth--growth you might otherwise have overlooked." 

In a pivot, you don't need to change your core beliefs, but you do reassess what is best for the company, the culture, and the future of all involved.
White Supremacy threatens us. 
We are hitting a pivot, yall. 
It's time to reassess what is best for the country, the cultures within, and the futures of all involved. 

Again, please view this all through fresh eyes.

Brandon Williams