Life Post: Am I evil for this?

Does this make me evil? 

I'm headed into DC today, so I decided "why not metro with the masses?" Cool.
I like people, and hate traffic, so it's a win win.
I get to Vienna and swipe my card, get down to the platform and the bell rings for the train. 
I was one of the last onto the train at my metro stop. I felt good about that.
This lady is running down the stairs, and we didn't make eye contact but I grabbed the doors and held them open for her. She would have missed the train otherwise. 
I don't know what possessed me, but as she got closer we made eye contact, and she looked so helpless/thankful... I said to her "I killed Mufasa," And let the doors slam shut.
The sound of that door slamming shut was akin to Beyoncé announcing twins, because it was all shock and awe, a little shade, be a little admiration.
Never have I seen a metro car and platform full of grown adults get so tense.
I never broke eye contact when the train left the platform.
0 remorse. 
Am I evil?

Brandon Williams