XSport Life: Dirty Eddy strikes again

So there's this old 85 y/o guy I see at XSport from time to time.
I've posted about him before, Ed AKA "Dirty Eddy"
(a self-imposed nickname, because he reportedly doesn't bathe.)
Eddy has this talent... 
He is one of the few folks with the ability to make me so uncomfortable
I can't even laugh about it. 

Well, I saw Eddy in the hot tub today.
Being the friendly old boy that he is, he started chatting me up.
Cool! But, like usual Eddy made it weird.
He opened up by invading my space, which isn't a big deal...
but dealt a crushing blow while I'm neck deep,
"Doesn't being in here just make ya wanna wiz uncontrollably?"
He smiled.
I left.

Dirty Eddy won again.

Brandon Williams