XSport Life: Mob Assault

I really am starting to love kids, and slowly I am learning about how they function and think. I have discovered this about toddlers and young children:

Give them an inch, and they will take 100 miles. Let me explain. Somehow, yesterday, I ended up watching a group of 9 boys for 2 hours, and it was great at first. We played Godzilla, obviously I was Godzilla, and it was a blast. Started out as me chasing them, and slowly changed to them throwing stuffed animals at me. Cool. This eventually led to stuffed animals with hard faces. Somewhere down the line, they decided to forgo stuffed things for wooden blocks, as my response was much more realistic. Long story short, I tripped, they pounced, and held me down long enough that this 3 year old walked up with a 2 foot dump truck and slammed it on my face, twice. 

2 things crossed my mind immediately afterward:
A. If I ever make it professionally in MMA like I intend to, I hope that pro fighters aren't as tough as 9 kids.
B. I have to rethink the whole "How many zombie 7 year olds could you take before you went down" question after getting wrecked by 9 regular 2-5 year olds.

Brandon Williams