XSport Life: Obada!

I was helping out the daycare the other day,
and this cute little white(relevant info) girl wasn't happy unless she was in my lap.
She's always like that though, she loves attention.
When she was, she was all smiles and baby talky happy language only her sister could translate. She looks at me at one point and says with the biggest smile, "OBADA!" And hugs me.
I was like, "that's chill little human, think you're cool too."
Her sister starts laughing hard. Real hard.
Like, "did that just happen or am I trippin?" Hard.
I said, "what's so funny?"
The oldest sister looks at me and said "she's calling you dad!"
I felt so uncomfortable I got up and tried to leave
but she wouldn't let me go screaming "OBADA!!!" Over and over.
I don't understand.

I don't think she does either.

Brandon Williams