About me

My name is Brandon Ellis Williams

I am a visual artist and story teller 

based out of Washington, DC


Case Studies & Testimonials

While I am open and very willing to participate in
various creative projects
I have made my living these last few years executing
solid and crisp video case studies,
and testimonials for marketers nationwide.
If you have questions about what this looks like, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Documentary & Photojournalism

My two passions in life are
Creating space for growth
I combine the two, with the work that I do at The Table Initiative.
I've been fortunate enough to direct, facilitate, and work on
several documentaries that focus on people locally and internationally
who are tackling big issues that oftentimes get overlooked.
If you know an individual or organization who is positively engaging a negative issue,
let's talk!

Landscape & Lifestyle

My personal two favorite styles combine to become adventure photography.
I am rather good at adventures, I get very excited when I'm able to take time to collect images from various trips and outings. It's very difficult for me to take photos of a very popular tourist spot.
I like the desolate, and the unseen.
The high places few are willing to climb, and the valleys no one walks.
Those are the places I thrive in, and those are the places I want to be.
Often times, I am so overcome by the beauty or experience of such locations, 
That I forfeit taking a photo. Not everything should be captured. 
I love my work in this category, and I hope you do as well.
Depending on what image someone desires, I do sell prints.
I would rather take you there myself though.


Positive Engagement is a Podcast slated to be released January 2019
It takes a closer look at issues we generally care about,
but don't know how to engage with
and makes them actionable for every American through the idea of


"Changing the way you think."

While we are still launching, you can participate in our open forum discussions,
and community events all summer, through Winter.
each out to see the next meet-up event!

JapanProf (1 of 1).jpg


Do you work for The Table, or are you a freelancer? 

Both! This April, I became Director of Marketing for the table, and work at a full time capacity.
However, I do not take a salary, as it would hurt our funding. Instead, I am self funded with freelance Videography and Photography. Currently I spend roughly 2-5 days a month doing freelance work. I do hope that soon we will be able to eliminate that, so I can dedicate every work day of the month to The Table.  

Can you explain The black creatives matter t-shirt?

I get this question a lot! I used to get upset when i was turned away from work by folks who get the wrong idea about it on my website, however I think it's been a wonderful deterrent for people who may not want to do business with me anyways, and potentially vice versa. There actually isn't anything political or extravagant about the reasoning behind the shirt. I'm a black creative, and I like to think I matter :)
It's just a design I really like, and it comes from a local female owned brand that I love supporting called Distinctly Creative. I have an article that talks about the shirt in question. Check it out!

Are you a professional or a hobbyist?

I'm a professional but I am rather picky about the work I take on. Not every project is for me, and my work is not for everyone. I do try to get out and shoot as a hobby as well! I try to frequent photowalks, and occasionally take photos on my trips domestic and international. I post some of that work to my Instagram @TheEyesOfB

Do you have more creative work I can look at, or prints for sale?

I have tons of work that can be viewed! I've recently done my bi yearly website redesign, and while this layout is simple, it's been a task to get things moving. I'll have more available in the coming weeks. The work that I have physically printed will no longer be displayed on the website, and that can be purchased on a case by case basis. I'm working on a permanent place to display my work.  

Do you do weddings?

Not really. I don't get a lot of folks asking, and the few who have asked I've turned away.
I would do a wedding, but you'd REALLY have to sell me on it.