About me

An up & coming independent Filmmaker, and Photographer.

He began his professional career in 2009, and his talents were quickly recognized by longboarding & snowboarding brands. A former member of The Freebord mfg. Athlete Team, he has had a number of opportunities to cross-train and film with some of the most talented adventure athletes in the world. In 2015 he transitioned into marketing and documentary work, finding inspiration after working on the film The Fourth Phase.

As a filmmaker, his 10 years of experience in the adventure and extreme sports world enables him to bring an authentic and unique perspective to his storytelling.

Brandon’s photos have appeared on websites and in magazines, including NPR, Freebord Mfg, Snowboard Magazine, TRANSworld Skating, Washington Post, among others. He has directed commercial film projects for a diverse range of clients that includes Freebord Mfg, SNRG, Viddy, George Mason University, 6Connex, Ocean Optics, CaliberMinds, and others.

Brandon is passionate about marketing, sustainable community development, and adventure.

He splits his time between his home on the edge of Washington, DC and Newton Grove, NC where his family resides.